Take Advantage of the Staggering Demand for Mobile Apps... and Make Money by Offering  Custom-Built Apps as a Service

(It's simple... You offer your customers a custom-made professional app... We build it... You reap the rewards!)

This is the perfect way to add to your bottom line, without adding to your operating expenses or workload!

Everything and anything to do with mobile has exploded... and app usage is at the forefront!

This is a fantastic time in history to take advantage of this incredible market without taking on any of the development costs, training costs, or maintenance costs...

"91% of adults have their smartphone within reach at all times."

"Overall mobile app use grew by 76% in 2014" (Fluffy Analytics)"

How's This For an Attractive Formula...

  1. You sell a mobile app to your customer (at your own price point)...
  2. We develop and build the app...
  3. You pay us at our very attractive wholesale pricing.

Of course our reseller program gives you our price up front, so you can set your prices accordingly... You want to mark-up your prices by 50%? Go for it!... By 100%? Go for it!... How about 150%? Go for it!

This is for you if...

... you are in the IT industry, web design, graphic design, advertising, marketing, print industries etc., you are perfectly positioned. Essentially if you provide related or complimentary services in a B2B environment, you have the perfect audience to introduce the power of custom-made apps to!

Some of the industries that you might already be servicing or selling to that are perfectly suited to having a mobile app include:

Bars & Clubs, Restaurants, Real Estate Agencies, Car Dealerships, Dentists, Golf Clubs, Sporting Clubs, Mechanics, Health Spas, Hotels & Motels, Gyms & Fitness Centres, Lawyers, Child Care Centres, Hair Salons, Bands & DJs, Locksmiths, Plumbers, Carpet Cleaners, Home Cleaners, Lawn Contractors, Gardeners, General Service Contractors... in fact I'm hard pressed to think of a small business that wouldn't benefit from having a custom-made mobile app!

  • We know that you have shed sweat, blood, and tears in building up your customer base and building your business relationships. We greatly respect this and will at all times.
  • Be assured that our apps are designed and built to enhance a business... If it's not you offering this solution to your customers, someone else will be (or already has)
  • The mobile app market is a perfect way to leverage the relationship you have with your customers and add to your product/service offering.
  • You will be able to test and use the app before your customer ever sees it. You will have complete control over the final product before you present it.

WOW! Check Out What We Can Offer You!

We want the whole process of designing, developing, and publishing the app to be hand's-off for you. After all, you have your business to run... We figure if we can provide you with the right marketing materials, our professional app development skills, our great work ethic, and with no up-front costs for you, and you can leverage these assets then it's a clear WIN-WIN situation!

Features of our Apps

The features list is exhaustive but to give you an idea: Apple & Android, GPS & directions, unlimited push notifications, loyalty & coupon integrations, social media integration, shopping cart, video streaming, and much more (a full list can be found at the bottom of this page)

100% White Labelled

Your involvement in the app development, building, and publishing is completely white-labelled. In other words we never disclose our name or branding to your customers. Your brand is front and centre at all times.

We Take Care of All Maintenance

Not only do you pocket on the sale of an app, but you also pocket on the monthly maintenance fee. We take care of all client requested changes (minor), general maintenance, app server storage, operating system updates compatibility etc. We get our cut, you get your cut, and you continue to earn passively, month after month.

Marketing Materials Provided

We will provide you with a generous supply of various marketing materials that can be used to educate or sell the importance of mobile apps for business. Custom marketing materials design can be provided on request.

Your Own Customer Portal

If you require, we will provide you with a custom client portal installed either on our server (under a generically named domain), or as a sub-domain on your own server and domain. You can communicate with your customers here or even take payments through a payment portal.

Your Own App...Free!

Once you secure the sale of 3 apps, we will build a custom-made app for you! This will be yours to keep, without any monthly maintenance fees. (*conditions apply)

Push Notification Portal

We will include in your customer portal, a secure log-in area where your customers will be able to compose and send out their own push notifications. Again, hand's-off for you.

Become a Mobile App Reseller now!

Register to become an app reseller by using the button below. There is no commitment. By clicking below you are only requesting further information.

By Becoming a Mobile App Reseller You Are:

Establishing yourself in what is widely considered the next frontier of business marketing. You are also adding value to your existing customers, setting yourself apart from your competition, and expanding your product/servicing offerings.

You are getting the marketing materials you need, a customised online customer portal, and our expertise in developing and publishing mobile apps, under your own brand. It really is a turn-key solution in incorporating mobile apps into your business with no outlay in training, up front development costs, or maintenance costs.

Generating an addition revenue stream. By providing the sale of apps you are not only becoming a part of the fastest growing industry in history, but you are positioning yourself for a potential windfall. You not only get paid for the development of the app, but you also get a share of the monthly maintenance fee that the customer will be paying. This is hands-free, passive income...

You are becoming involved in an important product/industry that goes far beyond the needs of your current customer base. This is a great opportunity to not only take care of your existing customers, but gives you a massive step-up into marketing to new customers and audiences.

To Recap...

Professionally developed and published apps (Apple and Android), that can have over 50 different features and functions, 100% white-labelled, hands-off development and maintenance, marketing materials provided, your own customer portal where your customers can compose and send their own Push Notifications, and your own app (after the sale of 3 apps).


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much will it cost me to have an app built?

Who publishes the app?

Why should I be selling an app for you?

I've never considered selling apps to my customers before. Why should I start?

Are there any other costs?

Who provides logos and graphics?

What happens if my customer stops paying the monthly maintenance fee?

Come on, mobile can't be that important right?

Become a Mobile App Reseller now!

Register to become an app reseller by using the button below. There is no commitment. By clicking below you are only requesting further information.

List of Our App Features

• Apple and Android • GPS and Directions • Push Notifications • List Locations on a Map • Near me Locations • Loyalty System Integration • Coupon Delivery and Collection • Custom Calculators • Email with Attachments • Image Overlays • Social Media Integration • Calendars • Image Mosaic and Portfolio • Your Blog in Your App • In-App Purchases • Analytics • RSS Feeds• Podcast • In-App Browser • Shopping Cart • Member Only Areas • QR Code Integration • Video and Live Streaming • Native PDF and EPUB Readers • Build Advertising Revenue • Scan Documents • Game Pages • Quiz Pages• Feedback Forms • Poll Pages • and More...